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Restorative Anatomy for Self-Regulation Course

with Aubrey Remedy - September 2022

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I have a unique mix of experience, working with conventional as well as complementary and alternative medicine.

Particularly, I enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary environment with an integrated team approach, as the practitioners at Holistic Healing Arts provide. I leverage all my skills to customize treatment for each individual. My goal during a session is to bring you into a new relationship with your body so you can function in a way that reduces pain and discomfort, as well as encouraging structural integrity and balanced ease of movement. I want to educate clients to be able to carry their bodywork treatment with them throughout their lives.


Moving From Self-Check
To Self-Care


The missing key for detox, inflammation and pain


Balance your nervous system for a life with ease


Releasing trauma from the tissues so healing can occur on all levels

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Practices rooted in neuroscience, anatomy, polyvagal theory, energy medicine, and somatic intelligence. Somatic intelligence means learning about the intelligence of your body and how to work with it.


"Aubrey brings skill, light, understanding and energy to the practice of Self-Regulation. As a presenter to our professional community, she opened up the  concept of regulation to bring us 'Ease Keys', welcome and easy to access practices that deepen both the understanding and practice of Regulation. She is a gift to this community, and also to our many clients! We look forward to working with her again"
Mental & Spiritual Health Center Clinician

"Our world needs leaders who can view themselves and others as sources of resilience and healing. This class provides the fundamentals of neurobiology and how our stress response shapes our psychology and biology well-being on a cellular level. It also provides tools and a structured opportunity to explore and recondition our brains, so we may more fully embody the positive, creative qualities that sow energy and hope."


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